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Transformational Programs & Tools to Match Any Budget

We are all masters, but we may find ourselves at different developmental stages, be on a budget, or have different goals. On this page, you will see that there are many ways we can work together.

The top of the page allows you to access self-study materials and transformational tools you can use on your own. As you scroll down this page, you will find information about how I work one on one with my clients in person or over the phone in my private coaching programs.


FREE Audio Blog - Download this mp3 file to your own digital library so you can learn and heal on the go!

Audio Blog #1 addresses a common concern my clients face: "If success is harder for me than it seems to be for others, does that mean that I am on the wrong track or spiritually out of alignment?"

MP3 File

Tapping into Love & Success Program

This empowering series of pre-recorded, audio workshops is ideal for:

* Performers, creative entrepreneurs & service professionals seeking higher levels of success, increased confidence & motivation, and a bigger paycheck.
* Individuals who want to experience more love in life.
* People who want to live an extraordinary life and expand their possibilities.
* Creative minds in need of direction, support & accountability to stay positively on purpose!

In each 90 minute to 2 hour pre-recorded session, I will guide you to break-throughs, PLUS energy healing & meditation. Topics include: Overcoming Self-Sabotage, Increasing Confidence & Motivation, Moving Outside the Comfort Zone, Asking for Help & Support, Creating a Prosperity Consciousness. BONUSES include

1. Action steps & coaching tools to support success & inner peace
2. Free subscription to bi-monthly e-zine, Inspired Healing and Awareness, that includes free tips, tools, coaching videos & insights into living an empowered life.

Purchase Recordings of Tapping into Love & Success Workshops Here!

Available Recordings for Purchase

At-Home Study Course: Increase Your Confidence & Self Worth to Get Results & Live the Life You Love!

Do you want to learn how to stop letting the past control your results and live a life you love with confidence? In this 5 part seminar, that you can enjoy from the privacy of your own home and at your own pace, you can own some of my favorite healing & transformation techniques, success principles, and empowerment resources at an affordable rate!

*Learn how to use self-hypnosis to create any result & increases confidence & success!
*Experience rapid stress relief techniques!
*Transform negative emotional states
*Discover your life's purpose and get great results!

Use the recordings as often as you need for continued support. You will be emailed the recordings and session notes following your registration. Contact Jaime at (323)632.3925 or jaimekalman@aol.com if you need assistance with your payment other than the payment option below.

*Includes 5, 90 minute recordings of live classes, emailed to you to download into your audio library to use as often as you like!
*Session notes with exercises & action steps, including instructions for transforming negative emotional states, self-hypnosis for success & confidence, life purpose clarification, and meridian tapping to overcome blocks to love & peace!
*A complimentary, 30 minute lazer - coaching call with me at the end of your program to help you maximize your results!

Here's what participants of this at-home study course are saying about it:

"Oh my goodness!! I am loving it. I have been doing your hypnosis/meditation almost every day,and the tapping too. It's great!!! I am feeling so good and good things are flowing my way." ~ Amy Arce

"Your class is wonderful and I feel a renewal of hope. I just loved, loved, loved that class!" ~ Elda Luisi

"The class was amazing, I am so grateful to be part of these sessions. The Universe is giving me just what I need at just the right time!" ~ Nancy McFarland

Creating Miracles - Audio Workshops to Transform Your Life!

Each recording is only $19.95 for the full 90 minute class that includes how to use tapping to diffuse stress & fear, an inspirational lecture and practical exercises! You will receive the mp3 downloadable file in an email after purchase. Topics include:

1. Removing Blocks to Love & Success
2. Step into Your True Power
3. How to See the Gift in Your Problems
4. Stepping into Your Authentic Self
5. Clearing Guilt & Fear Around Financial Debt
6. The Power of Forgiveness
7. Increasing Your Confidence & Increasing Your Success!

Select Your Topic to Purchase

"Transforming Unwanted Habits"

If you are ready to stop smoking, lose weight, or stop procrastinating, but not ready to hire a coach, you can hit the ground running and support yourself using this 2 hour audio workshop. I share my own story of how I completely freed myself from a 17 year smoking addiction and I guide you through 3 powerful exercises that will help you begin your own self-healing process. We discuss various forms of habits and self-sabotaging patterns and how to understand them, forgive them and ultimately release them. You will receive the mp3 download of this workshop once purchased on this site. I am always available to discuss your progress. $19.95.

Private Healing & Transformation Sessions

I specialize in helping people overcome challenges that hold them back from love, inner peace, happiness and prosperity. Healing sessions are offered in packages of 4. Phone sessions are available as well if we cannot work in-person and the same bonuses will apply to packages delivered over the phone as in-person.

The Healing & Transformation Package

This package is designed to help you shift the way you look at yourself and your life to a more positive, abundant and peaceful consciousness to help you transform challenges into possibilities! There are 4 private 90 minute healing sessions to:

* Clear unwanted, painful emotional blocks from your body.
* Release subconscious resistance to moving forward.
* Transform unwanted habits.
* Get unstuck!
* Overcome self-sabotage
* Increase confidence, clarity & peace of mind.
* Move through current challenges with personal power and grace.
* Improve self-esteem & self-acceptance

BONUSES included in this package include a FREE 30 minute coaching call following your last in-person session to help you strategize how to move forward and instruction in how to use my powerful energy healing techniques on your own to feel peaceful, powerful and in control of your emotions at any time. You will also receive 1 FREE recording of one of my Tapping into Love & Success Teleseminars to add to your inspirational, audio library for your personal use. Clients who enroll in this package are welcome to email me between sessions for additional support when needed.

RESULTS include releasing the pain of the past, being powerful in the present, increased clarity, confidence and balance, feeling lighter and more peaceful with an ability to move forward more happily.

Call (323) 632.3925 to arrange for a complimentary 20 minute consultation prior to setting an appointment.

Testimonial: "I feel like my old self again. I gained my self confidence back in a short time and realized my real life purpose! I'm taking steps toward my new purpose now and I am working on making more focused decisions. I have the tools to help me make decisions now. It really is invaluable. Jaime makes you feel like a million bucks again which is well worth the investment. I loved the way Jaime made me feel about myself through her unconditional love and belief in me. I also really enjoyed the tapping, hypnosis and the homework to help me figure out the way I think to change my perspective. I would recommend this program to anyone who has limiting beliefs that is stopping them from achieving their true potential, to anyone who is stuck or lacking confidence in themselves." ~ Courtney Rioux Hubbard

Testimonial: "I found the post session recaps to be so helpful! I went into this really wanting to know two things: what is my life purpose, and why the hell haven't I found love! I really feel like we accomplished exactly what I wanted to, and so so much more. I already feel a million times better!" ~ Nicole W.

Empowerment Coaching

As a Certified Empowerment Coach, I can facilitate your success in person and over the phone in the areas of:

* Empowerment and Prosperity
* Health and Wellness
* Healing Relationships: Intimate, Family & Business
* Spirituality and Living Your Life's Purpose.

Feeling stuck? A friend will offer you sympathy, but a coach will offer you a new possibility. If you desire a successful mindset, accountability and support for overcoming procrastination to enhance your results, coaching is invaluable! I will teach you tools, techniques and strategies for overcoming fear and self-sabotage and move forward in the direction of your desires. Increase your confidence, embrace your self-worth and transform old scarcity beliefs into a powerful, prosperity consciousness. Attract the life you love by being the possibility of it every day. I will show you how to create powerful new possibilities and step into them. Break through your barriers personally and professionally with the following coaching programs:

Breaking Through the Barriers - Self-Empowerment Coaching Program

Do you feel stuck or frustrated that you're surviving life, but not thriving? Are you seeking a sense of purpose or do you feel like something's missing? Do you take one step forward and three steps backwards? Have you been trying to improve yourself with books and classes but really need personal, focused attention to break through that terror barrier?

This is a 3 month, holistic mentoring program that blends my proven 3 Step Healing & Transformation process with one-on-one custom-designed coaching to help you create success in any area, and eliminate unwanted patterns so that you can enjoy the life you were born to live!

With 6 healing sessions and 10 coaching calls, you will:

* Overcome self-sabotage & transform limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
* Increase your confidence and increase your income
* Heal your relationships & release the toxic ones!
* Discover your life's purpose
* Manifest personal & professional goals
* Identify your life's purpose
* Clarify your ideal vision and move forward in a balanced, healthy, clear way
* Release the past & re-write your agreement with reality
* Create effective systems of organization that support your growth and maintain success!

BONUSES include 3 FREE Creating Miracles Teleseminar recordings to add to your personal library for added inspiration, guidance and support in sustaining positive changes. You also get free personalized hypnosis recordings, self-healing instruction, and custom designed action steps! Clients who enroll in this program are welcome to email me between sessions for additional support when needed.

This program is excellent for anyone who is tired of struggling personally or professionally, who is starting over after a divorce or break-up, or who is ready to take their life back after a challenging set-back. It's also perfect for the spiritual seeker who is ready to take their life to the next level of freedom, happiness, and living life on purpose!

Call (323) 632.3925 to arrange for a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see if this program is right for you. Due to limited availability, I personally select my coaching clients based on my ability to serve them in the highest regard and their level of commitment to their own success.

TESTIMONIAL from actress, Natalie W.: "I'm an up and coming actress. My career and personal life were just okay. I was in a huge funk and felt that I was putting so much energy out and not getting much in return. I felt blocked, rundown and stuck. I heard about Jaime through my acting teacher and decided to try it out. I immediately clicked with the idea of tapping pressure points. You can literally feel- physically- the difference after you do it. I was hooked. Every time I work with Jaime I have amazing breakthroughs on a personal and professional level. I always do 4 pack sessions so my work with her will usually be over the course a few months. Inevitably I will book a role that will be bigger than anything previous. I had never done TV and in the middle of our work I booked my first co-star. The second time I worked with her I booked two co-stars on the same show. What's wild is we don't talk much about my actual career troubles. Our time is usually focused on my personal struggles and upper limits. Though without fail my career improves in huge ways. On a personal level I gain so much clarity and strength. I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression. Our sessions clear out the fear and allow for me to make decisions rooted in confidence. I grow as a human being. The roles I end up booking far exceed the amount I invest. The investment is also the time you put in and it's never homework- it's always work I look forward to doing- like listening to an audio tape daily- because I immediately feel a difference. Abundance shows up in huge ways when I work with her. I love that it feels like I'm talking to a super wise, objective best friend. She's so open, honest, non-judge mental and comes in with a sense of humor. It's a therapy session that not only let's you unload, but also gives you tangible ways to fix your issues. You have exercises you can take away and do on your own. I really believe anyone could benefit from taking a session with Jaime, but if I had to get specific I would say artists and entrepreneurs. She's extremely tuned into what artists and entrepreneurs go through. She just gets it and knows how to specifically talk to me as an actress."

Breaking Through the Barriers - Professional Success Coaching Program

Do you want to increase your confidence and increase your paycheck? Are you an artistic entrepreneur, performer, network marketer, small business owner or holistic practitioner? Are you passionate about your services and products but feel uncomfortable with the business side? If you want to make a living doing what you love, you must embrace the "making a living" part of that equation. Do you stop yourself from stepping into business opportunities because of doubt and fear? Is lack of confidence keeping you from marketing and networking to create more business? Are you afraid of looking bad by asking people to work with you or buy from you? Believe me, I understand! And for me personally, coaching is the answer! My clients feel the same. This is a 6 month mentoring program designed to create a mindset for success and grow your business while aligning with your Higher Self.

Included in your 12 healing sessions and 20 coaching calls you will learn how to:

* Overcome self-doubt & procrastination
* Increase your confidence and increase your paycheck
* Increase productivity
* Manage your energy positively
* Balance your schedule with effective time management
* Create your ideal vision for your life & career & plant it in your subconscious mind!
* Get clear about your mission, message & purpose with your life & career
* Identify the people who need your talents, services & products most
* Conduct authentic & effective business conversations that lead to sales
* Network with confidence and success
* Break through your terror barriers when making decisions
* Streamline your efforts & get organized!
* Create & nurture strategic alliances that generate referrals

BONUSES include 6 FREE Creating Miracles Teleseminar recordings to add to your personal library for added inspiration, guidance and support in sustaining positive changes. You also get free personalized hypnosis recordings, self-healing instruction, and custom designed action steps! Clients who enroll in this program are welcome to email me between sessions for additional support when needed.

Call (323) 632.3925 to arrange for a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see if this program is right for you. Due to limited availability, I personally select my coaching clients based on my ability to serve them in the highest regard and their level of commitment to their own success.

TESTIMONIAL for this program:

"As a writer and artist, I felt lost, and even resistant, trying to pave my way in the business world. I knew that for me to survive doing what I loved as a career, I'd need an expert, like Jaime, to guide me. The results? Total transformation. Together, Jaime and I turned my creative writing talents into an income-producing business. She walked me through important steps in how to effectively network, overcome shyness and fear, and how to integrate my authentic nature into the most counterintuitive thing I could imagine: SALES! Because of Jaime, I understand the value of my services, and I'm not afraid of conversations that reflect it! Once I hired Jaime, I experienced a quantum leap of miracles. My investment in her was the wisest decision I've made in supporting my dreams. I've read countless books on marketing, but none of them helped me examine why I wasn't seeing the success I desired. Jaime helped me get down to the root of my belief systems and see where some of my own limiting thoughts kept stalling my movement. Through her incredible healing sessions, Jaime opened me up to a radiant realm of possibility. As my awareness expanded, so did my opportunities. Jaime is the perfect coach for entrepreneurs who ache to move beyond their current or past blocks and step into the life they deserve. She is a mentor on so many levels. I love her with my full heart!!" ~ Amanda Kimmerly 210-414-1229, kimmerlyaj@gmail.com

Increase Your Confidence and Increase Your Paycheck!

I love helping people gain the clarity they need to transform! Every month, I offer 4 FREE "Increase Your Confidence and Increase Your Paycheck" Break-Through Sessions over the phone to those who are ready and willing to create positive changes now. These sessions are normally valued at $197.00. Please contact me to set yours up today by emailing me at jaimekalman@aol.com or by telephone at (323) 632-3925. Let me know what your burning desire is, what's stopping you from experiencing it in your life and how willing you are to transform it on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the greatest amount of willingness. These complimentary sessions are only offered to those who are serious about moving powerfully forward and will be offered following review of application.



By allowing yourself to be in this deeply relaxed state of heightened suggestibility, while fully in control and completely aware, you can create access to powerful insights, divine guidance, and transformational experiences that can create lasting positive shifts in attitude, perspective and behavior. You will even learn how to use self-hypnosis to continue your growth process on your own. Hypnosis is highly effective for habit cessation, weight loss, better sleep, removing stage fright, phobias, performance anxiety, grief, increasing motivation, enhancing work performance, healing financial fears, and releaving stress.


Similar to accupressure, but without the use of needles, this technique employs tapping of the fingertips on specific pressure points to stimulate the energy system of the body . The tapping dissolves the blocks caused by energetic disruptions in the body which are the result of stress, trauma, or negative thoughts. Excellent when used in conjunction with hypnosis for transformational healing and powerful release of emotional pain. Clinically proven to be over 80% effective in both physical and emotional pain. Visit www.emofree.com for clinical trials, testimonials, and instruction.

Spiritual / Energy Healing

This hands-on energy therapy utilizes the highest vibrational frequency (divine love) and is directed into the body of the person receiving so that their energy system can be balanced, rejuvinated and cleared of blocks that cause disease and illness. It is gentle, practical, and an excellent way to tune into your body's natural healing potential. This is the perfect compliment to both Eastern and Western medical treatment to further enhance your natural, healing ability. The style I use, which stems from the methods of the great healer, Harry Edwards, is recognized in hospitals and clinics in the United States and in England as it is very practical. I am a fully certified energy healing practitioner through Healing in America, the US affiliate of The Healing Trust in the UK.


I use guided meditation to help you get in touch with your essence; to quiet the mind and experience the power of your presence. Along with this technique, I use creative visualization for manifestation, healing, forgiveness, and creativity. Lower your blood pressure, flood your brain with oxygen, center and balance your central nervous system and clear your mind of its constant, negative chatter so that you can hear your Higher Mind's guidance and wisdom. All of your answers are within. I will help you learn how to access your own internal teacher.

Life Purpose Clarification

Do you feel lost, out of alignment or disconnected from your purpose? Through fun exercises, inner reflection, and spiritual inquiry, you can get back on track and live with purpose, rather than wandering aimlessly. Discover your passions, strengths, and realize your true self. Living an authentic life results in greater peace, fulfillment, freedom, excitement, spiritual alignment, and happier, healthier relationships. Studies show that happier people are more successful than unhappy people. Living the life you were born to live allows you to step into your own definition of success.

Energy Cross-Balancing

By involving both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, we can lock in positive affirmations on a deeper level than by simply saying them to ourselves. I will help you to create customized, powerful affirmations that support the transformation you wish to achieve and you can use these various energy balancing techniques to support your intentions from the inside out.

Need More Information? Call for a FREE 20 Minute Consultation

My intention is for you to feel confident in my ability to be of service to you in the highest regard. I am happy to answer any questions you have before scheduling a session or if you would like to discuss coaching programs to fully understand how they are structured to help you increase your confidence, embrace your power, claim your abundance, fully accept yourself and live your life's purpose. Please note that I only choose to work with people who are truly committed to taking responsibility for their own personal growth.


"I shared with my family that I worked with you to eliminate my dependence on sleeping pills and that I am now 4 weeks pill-free!!! I slept last night on my daughter's couch - no trouble falling asleep and I get myself back to sleep both times I awoke. You made a miracle happen to me!" CM

"Dearest Jaime, What better time then Now, the present, to reach out and say thank you. I want you to know how much I appreciate you in my life. You are such a bright light and your healing energy has expanded my awareness and leads me to living my life more on purpose. I love the work you do with me and I love sharing with all my friends and family, your gifts, talents and capacities. It is a joy to work with you and watch myself falling more in love with myself and being able to be proud of myself. I appreciate you and honor the divine within you. I booked another movie shooting in Indiana (woohoo)! Always a fan of you and your work! In joy and in absolute constant gratitude!" Christina DeRosa

"I had fantastic results from our session, I was feeling incredibly light leaving the session and felt awesome afterwards, especially for the first few days." H. Lee

"Wow, thank you so much Jamie for taking the time to explain this to me thoroughly...you really hit the nail on the head with everything!! I am grateful for sharing your gift to me. Thank you, Jaime! You made me feel so much better." V.F

"I went to Jaime's Creating Miracles Support Group and after only 2 weeks I already experienced a miracle! I was having trouble finding a new apartment because of some past "eviction" notices that had been haunting me. I was feeling so nervous, stressed and pessimistic about the whole situation. Jaime helped me work through these fears and energy blocks, helping me to feel positive and optimistic about it - 2 days later I got the apartment! Jaime's positive energy, support, and sense of humor/light-heartedness helped me see the situation from a different perspective and work with the universe, instead of against it and against myself." Kim B.

“This shit works!” Guido Grimaldi, CEO of KingVigor Talent Management and Production

"Jaime Kalman truly is a gift, sent to us in our times of need. I lost 2 very, very dear friends to cancer and the sadness and grief was just too much to handle. With one, double session, we got it all out, and I am so, so much better. The techniques she uses are very new to me, but boy do they work, and, I can use them on my own as well. She truly loves what she does, and you get the absolute benefit of this. She gives you some techniques to take with you; this was so great for me! You feel comfortable, calm and in control with her during your sessions. We also discussed issues I had with my dad - whew! Didn't see this coming at all, but she nailed it!! I was a bit leery at first, what a dumb thing to be - she rocks and I recommend her all the time to people, whether it's sadness, weight loss, anxiety, anger, whatever you need to deal with, Jaime is your woman!!! Go ahead, give her a call, I promise you will be ever so glad you did!!! Check her out on facebook too!" Melissa Cook

"What an amazing feeling when you let go and allow those close to you help you share the struggles of life (Your dark passenger that is...quoting Dexter here! LOL). I feel like I'm about to break new ground in my life. What an incredible feeling of freedom and peace I feel" Ray T.

"Jaime I love your workshops and lectures sooooo much!!!! You really cut through with your big, big, fun heart!!!!!And I listen to a lot of lectures!!!!!" Deborah Frankel, Photographer

"I just wanted to say thank you again for our healing session yesterday! I am almost completely pain free today!! Yay! Thank you so much! I love you. Xoxo" Megan B., Hair Stylist

"Thank you so much for my session yesterday. It was so good. I woke up today 100% into what I want. No more 80/20! Thanks again!" Vonet Woods, Actress

"Jaime, I feel better than I have in years…I feel like I can speak my mind and set boundaries now without waffling. It’s ridiculously freeing! I feel like I can finally relax and just be who I am! This work is just so profound…I’m loving it!" Jennifer Gaynor, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

"You are totally amazing!!!! Today, I am juicing and eating raw and healthy and loving it!! Feeling a sense of freedom here which is wonderful! Actually want to be all that I can, what a concept! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Kim Vincent Ford, Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer for Healing in America

"I just wanted to take a minute Jaime - to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM of my heart for your generosity today - I don't quite have the words to express to you how grateful I am - and how genuinely lucky I feel to have met you - I have to say as well that I feel like we have met before - or we knew each other in a past life - I left the session feeling like I have known you for years! I also want to thank you for all the work you did not only in the session but prior too - the pages you gave me a beautiful and clearly time great time and focus and love! Thank you! You are quite magnificent! So much love and thanks to you," Gemma M.

Rachel is having a ball in her coaching program!! Thank you so much for giving her this opportunity. I am so proud of the way she has taken this on with seriousness and a sense of responsibility. Thank you for so much. Although, I know this is a job, what you do for her (and for me) goes far beyond that. I am, forever, grateful for your caring and the interest you take in Rachel. We are lucky to have you in our lives. With peace of mind and smiles," Lynn, Parent of the coaching client.

"Jaime has helped me through so many road blocks and stagnations! She has helped me get to the bottom of so many personal issues and really release them so that I may move forward in a productive and fresh way. She has a very welcoming and loving personality and you instantly feel like you can let your guard down and release so many things that you may have always held back. She's shone light on so many belief systems that I've held for so long that done nothing but hold me back from my true potential. In all, I highly recommend Jaime and think that she will help you reach higher and higher places!!!" Sholeh M, Entrepreneur & Designer

"I really enjoyed going to Jaime for inspiration and healing. She helped me get through many obstacles that i was struggling with and inspired me to feel empowered at the same time i was able to find my inner peace. After going to her i noticed a change immediately as she was able to help me move past many obstacles that were getting in my way. Jaime is a beautiful woman with an amazing heart and has the true ability to heal and inspire. I highly recommend going to her as she has definitely brought light to my life." Mandie B. Fashion & Business Professional

"Jaime Kalman saved my life. She has not only helped me through one of the most difficult years of my life facing family issues, codependency, and probably one of the lonliest, most fearful points I have ever experienced, she has inspired me to live my life in a different way. A way in which self love, forgiveness, positive energy, healing, loving relationships, success, and hope are possible. Holistic healing and energy work are an amazing practice of their own, but Jaime does not only provide these healing services, she teaches you the ways in which to heal yourself, encouraging self empowerment and a feeling of safety in your capability to handle the difficult situations that may approach you in your life. Being present, standing in your integrity, being authentic, and leading the life you are longing to live are all things i have learned and gained from my year of healing work with Jaime. I aspire to someday be as strong and impactful a woman as she is, truly beautiful inside and out she is the most freeing, loving, and amazing person to work with spiritually and energetically to find solstice in your healing. It is within you, and she is the force that has shown me that light. I would recommend Jaime Kalman for holistic healing and energy practices, help with codependency, family, and self image issues, and any other struggles you may be coping with. I am sure I would be in a very different place if it weren't for her, she provides the most amazing, empowering, healing energy there is to offer." Rachel G.

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