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What does the term healing mean in regards to your practice?

I use the term, healing, to describe the process by which we let go of our pain and fear and remember our wholeness and feel peaceful instead - regardless of our external circumstances. I feel that when I have healed from something, it no longer has power over me, and I can see it differently, and that frees me.

Do you offer a free consultation over the phone or via email prior to my booking a session?

Yes. I offer a free, 15 minute phone consultation prior to us setting up a session. The purpose of the consultation is to allow you to feel if I am the right person for you. It also gives me an idea of what techniques will benefit you most, the length of the first session, and what you are looking to achieve. We will use this consultation to create a clear intention for you from which to begin our work together. We can also correspond via email if you choose. You may also attend one of my free healing circles, which is a gift to the community and held once a month.

What can I expect from a session?

You can expect to feel loved, safe and that you will be heard without judgment. You can expect that I will listen to you, but that my intention is that we create possibility, transformation, and release for you. You can expect me to be committed to keeping you in the solution, rather than dwelling on the problem. You can expect me to be 100% present with you. You can expect an experience of the mind, body and spirit.
A.) I often use guided meditation to relax and open your mind to inspiration and comfort.
B.) I will ask you questions about your situation to help you get underneath your problem to find out what is keeping it in place.
C.) I often use EFT to take the emotional charge off of your thoughts and memories and restore you to a more peaceful mindset.
D.) Following our first session together, I may use hypnosis to help your higher mind guide you to insight and reinforce positive shifts in perspective and behavior.
E.) I incorporate hands on energy healing (this can also be given at a distance if you do not want to be touched directly), to help the body rejuvenate and to balance your energy centers.

How long are the sessions?

Our first session is the longest (an hour and a half to two hours), because we are discovering the root causes of the issue from which you have been suffering. Follow-up sessions tend to be about an hour, but it is really up to you. I recommend you give yourself an hour and a half.

What do I have to do in a session?

Create a clear intention for what you wish to achieve from our session. If you could heal one thing in our session together, what would it be in one word? I ask that you be willing to be open, willing to see your situation differently, and willing to turn it over to be healed for you by love. This is not massage, you are not going to be removing clothing. You only need to be present, open and willing. How many sessions do I need? There is no set number of sessions required. I suggest at least 3 sessions if we are dealing with a trauma, illness, or addiction. Having sessions on a weekly basis, like in most psychotherapy practices, is a highly effective way to move through your life powerfully with awareness and freedom. Is there homework involved? Sometimes I will give you an exercise to do on your own that will open you up to insights about yourself, or that call you powerfully into action in an area of your life where you feel stopped. If I do offer you an exercise, it is one that is custom designed for you so that it is fun as well as insightful. Private coaching sessions do involve practical exercises for you to complete to reach your goals.

What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. With EFT, we tap with our fingertips on specific energy points on the body while verbally addressing the issue we wish to heal. This process releases the energy disruptions that are causing either our physical symptoms, or the negative, emotional reactions to an issue or memory. (These points are also used in Acupressure and Acupuncture, but we do not use needles.) These techniques are very powerful. The tapping creates an electrical impulse that is transmitted to the brain to change the bio-electrical state of the body. By opening the energy pathways in the body, energy flows smoothly, thus stopping the chemical chain reaction that has caused the recurring negative emotions and sensations. It has an effectiveness range of 80 -90% in alleviating addictive cravings, anxiety, depression, headaches, fear, phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, guilt, insomnia, nightmares, allergies, anger, pain and symptom management, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back and neck pain, sports and artistic performance and public speaking. What is spiritual healing/ energy healing? Spiritual Healing, or as it is also called, Energy Healing, is a technique where the practitioner attunes to the highest frequency of energy and directs this vital and loving vibration into the body of the person receiving. The practitioner uses their hands to direct the healing energy through the body of the person receiving, so that blocks can be dissolved and vital energy restored. It has been used to reduce the need for medications, to speed recovery, to calm the nervous system, balance the energy system, reduce pain, and to reinforce the effectiveness of other treatments.

What is hypnosis exactly?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility. It is relaxation and concentration at the same time. The client is always aware of what is happening, and always in control. You will not say or do anything against your will. The experience of being in hypnosis is much like when you are driving on the highway and you realize that you have not been concentrating on driving, but lost in thought or daydreaming. You were still operating your vehicle, but were completely present to your inner thoughts rather than to your external conditions. Hypnosis allows us to quiet the noisy mind and to experience our subconscious mind as well as our higher mind wisdom. It is a wonderful, relaxing tool to gain insight into your life, past lives, and also to really lock in positive changes for your present and future!

What will I experience in hypnosis?

Everyone is different. Some people go very lightly, some very deeply, and most are right in the middle. Not everyone is visual, so you may hear information or sense information instead of seeing things. You are not unconscious; it is more like lucid dreaming. There is no right or wrong experience, whatever you experience is just perfect at that time.

How will I know if it is working for me?

You will know by the degree of peace that you feel.

Can you cure me?

A healer does not actually cure or fix you because in truth, you are not broken and the healer is no more powerful than you are. The healer has simply made the choice to remember how powerful we all really are. I assist you in your own process of release, growth, and awareness by showing you the beliefs that are holding the perceived to be incurable situation in place. I believe that it is my job to be the instrument of healing, not the source of healing. I believe that source energy, God, divine love, whatever you want to call it, does the healing, and I am there to assist. However, I believe that we can expect miracles. In A Course in Miracles, it says that miracles are simply the result of a shift in perception. You and I create the space for perfect healing, invite love in, and it does the rest! If you say I can heal myself, then why would I need your services? We all have the natural ability to heal ourselves, but sometimes we are so blocked by our fears, misperceptions, traumas, and stories, that we have created blind spots that keep us from remembering our peace. Healing practitioners, such as myself, help you let go of your negative beliefs so you can create the space within your mind and body in which you can receive new perceptions, possibilities, inspiration and guidance. It helps to have an objective and loving partner in your healing process because your ego is committed to keeping you in pain and despair. Your ego will make you identify yourself with your pain, and you are not your pain. The ego will cause you to forget the truth of who you really are. A healing practitioner will help remind you when you have forgotten and help you see your situations differently.

What is the ego?

There are many different definitions for the ego. When I use this term, and I refer to it often in my sessions, I am referring to the identity that we have created for ourselves that has given us the belief that we are separate from each other and from our source. I use it to describe the false identity we created based on fear, worry and doubt. We created a set of strong suits (fixed ways of being), beliefs, and judgments that can create misperceptions of reality. It is part of our lower mind, and only has the power we give it.

What results might I be able to notice?

You may notice a sense of peace, relief, greater awareness, a sense of your own presence, inspiration, empowerment, deeper levels of trust, an ability to get off your frustrations faster, an increase in your willingness to see things in a new light, heightened creativity, more motivation, more patience, acceptance, and a boost of energy, and less pain and stress. It really depends on how willing you are to let go of your pain and how open you are to the possibilities that lie on the other side!

What are some of the reasons why someone would not get better?

Sometimes we do not really want to heal, or we do not believe that it is possible, and so we hold onto our pain because it is familiar. Sometimes people do not want to get better because they have identified themselves with their drama, illness, or pain to the point where they do not know who they would be without it. Sometimes, we get a payoff from being ill or damaged or sad because we get sympathy, we get taken care of, we get lots of attention and we do not want to get better because we are afraid we might lose that. Healing can occur in a session, but sometimes it does not. Sometimes, it happens after the session is over, or the next day or the following week. We receive it when we are willing to receive it without judgment.

Describe the people who get the most out of your service?

The people who get the most from my services are open, willing, ready, present, committed to their own growth, responsible, have a sense of humor, and want to love themselves and their lives. They see healing as an inside job. They know if they can change their minds, they can change their experiences. If you want to be free of what is holding you back from loving your life, and are willing and open-minded, you will get the most out of my services.

Will you come to my home or office if I cannot make it to you?

I am willing to travel to you if you are unable to leave your home for medical reasons. I prefer not to do sessions in your office because you are surrounded by your work, and may feel distracted from our purpose.

Do you work with children?

Yes! Children of all ages, pre-teens and teenagers are all very welcome! Do you offer phone sessions if I live outside of your area? Yes. We set these up ahead of time, via phone or email. Payment is handled via check or money order in the mail. We schedule the date and time that I will call you and we can create amazingly effective sessions over the phone.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, I accept cash, check or money order and all major credit cards. If what you are doing is based in love, why are you charging for it? I used to be turned off by people who charged for spiritual service. I still do a lot of my work as a gift, when appropriate. I do not believe anyone should ever be denied love and help due to finances, but I also see the benefit that comes from empowering people to take action in spite of their financial fear. However, I have learned some important lessons since I started my practice. We seem to get more out of services that we value, and we determine value in relation to what it costs us. When I was doing it for free while waiting tables at a restaurant to support myself, I found that people did not value the service as much if they were paying for it. This taught me the importance of investing in our health and well being. It is an exchange of energy. Furthermore, in order to continue to support myself so that I can be available to help more people, I have to charge for my time so that I can eat!! Also, the rent for an office space causes me to have to charge whether I like it or not. At the end of the day, the bottom line is that money is energy. We keep it flowing and it creates a value. In truth, no matter how broke I have been in my life, whenever I really wanted to do something, I found the money to do it or it found me.

Is your healing work an alternative to a doctor or specialist?

No. The healing work that I offer is complementary to all treatments and medical practices. If you are currently under the care of a medical doctor, then I work to enhance the treatment they are giving you. I believe we are entitled to holistic care – medical and spiritual combined together to give you the best care possible.

Do you offer advice?

No, I do not offer advice. I may share stories or offer insights, but I will never tell you what to do, how to proceed or what I think is best for you.

Do I have to be religious or spiritual for this to work for me?

No. I consider myself to be “a spiritual being having a human experience”. Great quote, wish it was mine, but it is not! I am not religious, but am open and accepting of all beliefs and practices. My work is spiritual in nature, but I am not attached to the words, God, Spirit, or Divine. I will use the language that is most comfortable for you, that resonates with your spiritual, religious, agnostic, or atheistic views. A willingness to consider things differently, or to turn our fears over to something greater than our human mind, brings great peace, but it is not necessary to believe in any particular belief system to heal.

What do you mean by spirituality?

To me, spirituality is the belief that we are more than just a body. There is an energy within our bodies, and all around us to which we are deeply connected. We are part of something infinite. What are your spiritual beliefs and will they be compatible with mine? I believe in a power greater than myself, but do not require you to believe the same in order to work together. I pray to God to heal my mind for me and to work through me on your behalf, to restore you to peace and remind you of the wholeness and perfection that was created within you. I have had the great honor of doing healing work with people of vastly different religious and spiritual beliefs, and it makes no difference in terms of effectiveness. It is really beautiful the way it all works out.

How is your service different from traditional psychotherapy or counseling?

I listen in the way that a therapist listens to their client, but my sessions also involve energy therapies, visualization, breathing techniques, and meditation. My sessions are designed to be proactive right from the start. I work with you immediately on uncovering the root cause for the issues in your life and releasing them right away. You do not have to tell me things that you don’t want to relive. We can actually release the emotional charge off of situations without taking you through the event all over again. I am not a doctor, I am here to be a guide on your journey to your higher self. I help you quiet your conscious mind and connect your subconscious mind to your higher mind for whole mind healing. If I have a special situation that you don’t feel you can help me with, will you refer me to other specialists? Absolutely! I will never attempt to convince you that I know something that I do not. If there is someone with more experience and knowledge in regards to your case, then I am happy to help you find the person who can help you best. Free of charge, of course!

Can you give me references so that I can feel confident about your certification?

Definitely! Roger Ford, President of Healing in America, a branch of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers can be reached by phone at (805) 640-0211, or by email at rogerford@healinginamerica.com. Robin Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of the One Center and The Miracle Center of California, a certified training facility for the National Guild of Hypnotists, can be reached by phone at (714) 282-9174 or by email at info@theonecenter.com.

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